Clear & Tinted Laminated Safety Glasses

6.38mm Clear, 6.38mm Grey Tinted, 6.38mm Translucent White, 6.38mm Ever Green, 10.38mm Clear, 10.38m

6.38mm, 10.38mm Tinted/ Laminated Glass
6.38mm, 10.38mm Tinted/ Laminated Glass

This is used at Places were the Risk of Breaking & causing Injury is more.

Commonly used for Bus Windscreen, Boats and Heavy Machinery, Office Partitions, Shower, Shop Fronts, Window + Doors.

We also supply Toughened Glasses of your thickness and your size requirement.

13.80mm Clear /Tinted Laminated Glass

6.38mm, 10.38mm Tinted/ Laminated Glass
13.8mm Cyclone Resistance Clear Glass

This is a Cyclone Resistance Laminated glass that incorporates on Extra Thick Inter Layer to Resist Penetration from Flying Debris that may be present in Cyclones.

Even if the Glass is impacted it still retains its weather Tightness, Which means The Building can remain Habitable after the Cyclone.

Used for Shop Fronts, Residential & Offices. No need for Shutters.